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University of Bremen
Department for Computer Science,
Computer Graphics Group,
Bibliothekstr. 5, room MZH 3480
28359 Bremen

Fon: +49 421 218 63 99 1
Fax: +49 421 218 64559
E-mail: zach
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Office hours (Sprechstunde): Mo 1800 - 1930

A note to students:
If you need me to sign something (e.g., a form for the examination office), please hand it to Tanja Rethemeyer. You can later pick it up from her office.
If you would like to make an appointment for an oral exam (short or long), please send an email to Tanja Rethemeyer.
If you need to talk to me about possible acknowledgement of credits, please come to my office hours and bring all relevant documents, syllabi, slide copies, forms, etc.
If you would like to enquire about possible thesis topics, please look at our research pages and the Thesis page, then come to me during my office hours, or talk to my PhD students, or talk to me right after lecture. You are welcome to suggest thesis topics of your own.
If you need to send me an email, please try to be concise.
If you have a question about my courses, it is probably easiest, if you give me a call during my office hours, or catch me right before or after any lecture.

Bio / Profile

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My Google Scholar profile (including h-index)

My Erdös Number = 4 (see MR Collaboration Distance).

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Professional Services

Services for academic affairs inside the university
  • Head of the examination office for the study program Digital Media at University Bremen, since 2013.
  • Member of the committee for the development of the study program Digital Media at University Bremen, since 2013.
  • Dean of Studies ("Studiendekan") for the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer science, and mechanical engineering, Clausthal University, from 2008 until 2012.
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    For a list of current projects, please check the Research web page of my lab. The following list are some older projects.



    My Google Scholar citations.

    The list below is fairly out-dated. Please check my group's Publications page for an up-to-date list.

    Note 1: all Postscript files are gzip'ed. Most of them are level 3. Most PDF files are level 1.4 (or higher).
    In case of problems, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Note 2: The copyright for most of the above papers has been transferred to a publisher. The ACM and IEEE grant permission to make digital or hard copies of part or all of the works they publish for personal or classroom use. See any copyright notices on the individual papers for details.

    Tutorials / Talks





    For an up-to-date list of my teachings, please go to the Teaching web page on my lab's home page.

    Below is the list up to the point when I left Clausthal University in order to move to Bremen University.

    SS 12      Computergraphik II
         Arbeitstechniken fuer Seminare
    WS 11/12      Virtuelle Realität und physikalisch-basierte Simulation
         Computergraphik I
    SS 11      Informatik II (Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen)
         Geometric Datastructures for Computer Graphics
         Virtuelle Realität und physikalisch-basierte Simulation
    WS 10/11      Virtuelle Realität und physikalisch-basierte Simulation
         Computergraphik I
    SS 10      Virtuelle Realität und physikalisch-basierte Simulation
         Computergraphik II
         Informatik II (Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen)
    WS 09/10      Virtuelle Realität und physikalisch-basierte Simulation
         Computergraphik I
         Werkzeuge der Informatik (Unix-Teil)
    SS 09      Geometric Datastructures for Computer Graphics
    WS 08/09      Virtuelle Realität und physikalisch-basierte Simulation
         Werkzeuge der Informatik (Unix-Teil)
    SS08      Computergraphik II
    WS07/08      Computergraphik I
         Werkzeuge der Informatik (Unix-Teil)
         Virtuelle Realität und Simulation
    SS07      Computergraphik II
    WS06/07      Computergraphik I
         Werkzeuge der Informatik (Unix-Teil)
    SS06      Informatik II Algorithms and Data Structures)
    WS05/06      Informatik I ("computer science 101" )
         Intro to Programming I
    WS04/05      Programming I
    SS2004      Virtual Reality
    WS03/04      Programming I
    SS2003      Virtual Reality
    WS02/03      Hierarchical Methods in Computer Graphics
    SS2002      Virtual Reality
    WS01/02      Hierarchical Methods in Computer Graphics
    SS2001      Virtual Reality

    Please look here for a list of Diploma Theses I am currently offering.

    Here are Ten Golden Rules for Presentations.


    Technical Parerga et Paralipomena ...

    I have received help so many times through some wonderful piece of software (like, vi, CVS, xv, gnuplot, xfig, you name it) that I wish to return at least a little bit of that by making available some of the stuff I hacked up .

    My slide show screensaver (with options specifically tuned for people who want larger images, more information about the pictures, and more options, but don't care so much about fancy effects) ArtSaver has a home on its own page now.

    Some benchmarks comparing C++ and native compiled Java on SGI's (as of Spring 1997)

    CPU benchmarks (R10000, UltraSPARC-II, Pentium II, G3) which try to find out the average time of several operations (like multiplication, fabfs(), cache fault penalties, etc...)

    I have written up some programming guidelines for C and C++ (in German) of our programming team.
    They are somewhat biased towards Unix.
    If you have any suggestions, corrections, etc., please let me know.

    Here are the templates for C files, header files, and C++ files, mentioned in my programming guidelines.

    I am a vi lover, well, actually I am a vim lover :-)
    On my vim page you can find some macros, my vimrc files, vim precompiled for SGI (IRIX) and other (hopefully) useful stuff.

    On my mutt page you can find my muttrc files, mutt precompiled for SGI (IRIX), and MSWordView, a Word-to-HTML/Text converter, precompiled for IRIX.

    I write almost all documents in LaTeX (and avoid M$ Word if possible). So, here is some Latex related stuff, mainly an example for newbies and some macros I found useful over time.

    Conference Presentation Judo, an entertaining and educating talk about the Do's and Dont's in giving presentations.


    Personal Stuff

    Do you want to know more (personal stuff) about me? Yes / No


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