Geometric Data Structures for Computer Graphics

Suplemental Material for the Siggraph 2003 Tutorial

This material is preliminary!
We will update it as soon as we are back from Siggraph and vacation.

This is the home page for the tutorial held at Siggraph 2003 in San Diego on Monday, July 28.

When downloading the PDF files using IE, you might want to first save them to your computer (right click) instead of opening them right away (left click), because IE has no progress bar (I think), and download times might vary depending on your connection speed.
This applies especially to the movies, because they are much larger than the PDF files!

Tutorial Notes

gzipped Postscript (2 MB) PDF for printing (2.4 MB) PDF for on-screen viewing (1.7 MB)

The screen version has hyperlinked cross-references and lo-res images.
The print version has hi-res images, but no hyperlinks.

Actually, the notes contain much more material than we were able to cover in the presentation, but we thought it wouldn't harm if we still left it in.


Elmar: Quadtree Elmar: Voronoi & Delaunay Elmar: Dynamization Gabriel's

Here are the slides from the Eurographics 2002 tutorial, where we also covered some chapters that are in the tutorial notes, but that we couldn't cover in the Siggraph tutorial due to the very limited time.


Local copy Size (MB) Original source
Dynamic texture 4.3 Li-Yi Wei
Simple AABB hierarchy 1.3 Gabriel Zachmann
Simple virtual prototyping app 1.3 Gabriel Zachmann
Morphing 1 0.2 Cohen-Or, Levin, and Solomovici
Morphing 2 0.9 Cohen-Or, Levin, and Solomovici
Hair simulation 0.8 Weber and Gerit
Cloth simulation
and with visualization of the distance field
Arnulph Fuhrmann

Demos & Applets

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