I have participated in a lot of demos and shows at various exhibitions and events. Some of them are:


We did demos at CeBIT Hannover many times at various booths, and I have participated at least 2 times (1993, 1994)


We have exhibited at Systrems, Munich, in 1994 (IIRC)

Industry Fair Honnover

Together with Volkswagen, we presented our VR System at the Industry Fair Hannover (Industriemesse Hannover) in 1995. The goal was two-fold: firstly, we (or rather our customer) wanted to demonstrate VW as an innovate company to the general public. Secondly, our customer (the VR group of the VW research center) wanted to convince their executives that VR is actually mature and worthwhile to invest further in.



This show was done for Volkswagen at the Internarional Auto Show, Frankfurt, in 1995. Volkswagen used it to introduce its new TDI (Golf Diesel) to the puplic. Because it was so successfull, the same show was done also at the Detroit Auto Show in winter ´95/´96.

Siggraph 96

At the Digital Bayon we demonstrated our distributed collaborative virtual astronaut training, wich was a project done by Torsten Fröhlich, together with the VR group at NASA (led by Bowen Loftin).

3-wall Cave™

In 1996, we inaugurated our first 3-wall cave.

I was responsible for integrating cave-support into our virtual reality system. As you can see from "the" image, the space for the cave was very tight.

5-wall Cave

In 1997, we inaugurated our 5-wall cave in the new building of our institute. We had a very big demo (2 days) during the open house. Several hundred people visited us.

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