The goal of this project was to combine our virtual reality system Virtual Design II with Robcad/Man from Teamomatix with an online communication link. There are many benefits of such a marriage:

1. The features of both systems can be combined. In particular, the VR System can use the functionality of the CAD system.

2. VR provides a better user interface for many design and evaluation tasks involving humans.

3. The VR system is fully integrated into the IT infrastructure of the company.


August 1998 - February 1999


BMW, Teamomatix


Alexander Rettig, Wolfram Kresse, Dirk Reiners, myself. I also managed the project.


Online analysis of the human posture

This was one of the main reasons for the online coupling of our VR system and Robcad/Man. The goal was to transmit the posture of the user ( tracked by the VR system ) to Robcad/Man, analyse it there, and transmit the result back to the VR system, which would display the status of the current posture.

Creation of human tasks

Creating human tasks in Robcad/Man can be very cumbersome. With this project, a designer can now to just do the tasks with his hand, arm, and body. Whenever he wants to record an action, he just speaks the appopriate command.
walk to new postition
grasp a part
reach somewhere while still grasping the part
reach somewhere else
put (realease) the part

Assembly paths and kinematics

The user can record an assembly path simply by gasping a part and moving it. That path can then be transmitted to Robcad/Man and processed further there. Conversely, a kinematic in Robcad/Man can be played back online in the virtual environment while the user is still free to navigate.


Sometimes, bugs can be fun.

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