During my time as a research assistant at Fraunhofer IGD, I have worked on several "small" projects.


This was a student project. The idea was to produce a demo to show how modeling could be done within a virtual environment. What you see is a cube of "virtual clay". This can be modeled by the user wearing a dataglove just by pushing the clay with the fingers of his virtual hand.


This demo was kind of a virtual game with wich we wanted to find out whether or not immmersive interaction is more efficient than the classic desktop interface.

The game was a 3D puzzle. The task of the user was to put all the pieces together in order to get the complete shape.

The result was, in a nutshell, that the dataglove was more efficient than the spacemouse, which was more efficient than the desktop mouse.

See also:

Wolfgang Felger: How interactive visualisation can benefit from multidimensional input devices. Visual Data Interpretationen Proc., SPIE 1668, J.R. Alexander (ed.), 1992


The idea of this demo was to visualize the production process in VR and evaluate the ergonomic and safety issues for the workers by immersing oneself in the virtual environment.


This was our first architectural model in VR. If I recall correctly, this demo was done with our very first VR system, some time during the first half of the 90's.

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