Detroit Auto Show

Project Overview


Winter 95/96.
A preliminary version of the show was presented at IAA '95 in Frankfurt, Germany, which was held in August '95. That show was prepared during summer '95.


Wolfgang Felger, Dirk Reiners, myself, and many others


Volkswagen, marketing company, City Animation co., etc....


Volkswagen used this show to introduce its new TDI (Golf Diesel) to the puplic. Therefore, it was designed to be as "glitzy" as possible, while still demonstrating new scientific achievements in virtual reality; and, it was scheduled to allow for a maximum throuhgput.

My work at the Show

I was involved in programming the demo in collaboration with the marketing company,preparing the setup at the auto show booth, and running the demo during the show ( ~ 1 month in Detroit ).


The Press

The show was a big success for Volkswagen as you can see from what the press had to say about it.



The setup at the booth was called "Cyberdome". It comprised a large stereo screen, a moderator and a "Cybernaut". Also involved was a rack Onyx, a Polhemus tracker, a Cyberglove, audio, a little light show, etc.

The Show

We ran a show every half hour (IIRC). Each show was watched by 80 people wearing passive stereo glasses.


Some highlights of the demo itself:

Start in Frankfurt

Flight through the carburetor

Inside the combustion chamber


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