Natural Interaction in Virtual Environments

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This paper presents a number of algorithms necessary to achieve natural interaction in virtual environments; by "natural" we understand the use of a virtual hand as naturally as we are used to manipulate our real environment with our real hand. We present algorithms for very fast collision detection, which is a necessary prerequisite for natural interaction. In addition, we describe a framework for preventing object penetrations while still allowing the object's motion in a physically plausible way. Finally, we explain a model for naturally grasping virtual objects without resorting to gesture recognition.

Virtual prototyping, virtual reality, collision detection, gesture recognition, physically-based interaction.

Workshop über Trends und Höhepunkte der Graphischen Datenverarbeitung (Proc. are English mostly), Nov. 2001, Universität Tübingen; GI Fachausschu▀ 4.1 Graphische Datenverarbeitung.

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