Natural and Robust Interaction in Virtual Assembly Simulation

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Virtual assembly simulation is one of the most challenging applications of virtual reality.

Robust and natural interaction techniques to perform the assembly tasks under investigation are essential as well as efficient methods for choosing from a large number of functionalities from inside the virtual environment.

In this paper we present such techniques and methods, in particular multimodal input techniques including speech input and gesture recognition for controlling the system. We address precise positioning by novel approaches for constraining interactive motion of parts and tools, while a new natural grasping algorithm provides intuitive interaction. Finally, sliding contact simulation allows the user to create collision-free assembly paths efficiently.

Preliminary results show that the array of functionality and techniques described in this paper is sufficiently mature so that virtual assembly simulation can be applied in the field.

Virtual prototyping, virtual reality, constraint-based interaction, physically-based interaction.

Eighth ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications (ISPE/CE2001), July 2001, West Coast Anaheim Hotel, California, USA.

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