My little Mutt Page

Here you can find my configuration for mutt.
The config files are designed to work with mutt, lynx, vim, slrn, and netscape under Unix.
In particular, my muttrc tries to bind the keys as similar as slrn and vim.

.muttrc, .mime.types, .mailcap, .urlview.

Here's a tar file (2 MB), which contains mutt-1.1.9i, compiled for SGI IRIX 6.5, plus config files: muttrc, mailcap, mime.types, and .ulrview. It also contains a few helper scripts, wv (fromerly known as MSWordView), a Word-to-HTML/Text converter, and urlview, all compiled for SGI IRIX.
(The link for MSWordView used to be, but it's gone dead).

 by ChangeDetection (it's free and it's private).
Gabriel Zachmann
Last modified: Sat May 12 17:09:54 MDT 2007