Pictures after my PhD Defense

phd pic after the examination, waiting for the decision of the profs phd pic still waiting
phd pic the profs have just told me my grade (inside, so that nobody else can hear it ;-), and now my friends and colleagues welcome me back with a big applause phd pic
I get a cloak
phd pic
here comes the chain ;-)
phd pic
.. and a hat ..
phd pic .. and the cart!
it's modeled after the VW Polo Harlekin, which occured in one of the first demos I've programmed ;-)
There is also a boom attached to it, with several objects hanging from it, so that these objects would collide with my hat all the time (collision detection was one of the topics of my thesis ;-)
phd pic
You see,
there's a lot of dissertations going on in our institute
phd pic
Finally, they're rolling me out into downtown...
phd pic they do some scary things ;-)
[that's all by tradition]
phd pic  


Gabriel Zachmann
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